martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

(La Española, Nuevo México)

Asfaltura #38

The Summersault Photo

A moment is cut in two

The Sun keeps its part

The dancing shadow takes the other half

made of dreams and runs away

A fallen wall that had lost its concrete arms

remembers that spring had brought many blossoms

Soon there will be a cherry and apple harvest

Hidden in the photo are

rivers leaping over impossible dams

Put your ear near this picture and you can hear

rios running inside the Earth

Sylvia Ernestina Vergara is an internationally recognized visual and performing artist and author. Vergara has a Master Degree from Mills College in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Dance Choreography. Sylvia Vergara is an accomplished pianist, composer, and choreographer. She was awarded a partial tuition scholarship in music composition by eminent French composer, Darius Milhaud (Aspen Summer Music Festival). Her other mentors include J. D. Robb and Walter Keller of New Mexico. She founded and directed Arte Mudanza, a prominent performing and visual arts center receiving support through five separate successive grants from the New Mexico Arts Division.
Sylvia teaches classes in Music Appreciation, Piano I.

© Carmen Amato
© Ernestina Vergara

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  1. Sylvia: Bienvenida a Asfalturas, gracias por por tu participación. Te invito a recorrer este blog y dejar algun comentario sobre la recepción del mismo.
    Un saludo afectuoso.

    Carmen Amato